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Desert control
Desertification refers to the land degradation caused by climate change and human activities in arid, semi-arid and some semi humid and humid areas, which reduces or even basically loses the potential of biological and economic production of land. Desertification is the most serious environmental and socio-economic problem in the world.
For many years, in order to transform the desert, planting grass is more prefered. Although some achievements have been made, the cost is too high. The reason is that the method is not adapted to local conditions. Desert is lack of water and plants cannot survive without water.
In the desert, solar pumping technology is used for irrigation, and drought-resistant plants are planted, which not only fix the sand dunes, but also get clean energy from nature. At the same time, it reduces the temperature of the desert area, makes the warm and humid air flow over the high mountains into the Taklimakan Desert over the Indian Ocean and the Western Pacific form clouds, and improves the drought and less rain phenomenon in Northwest China. Solar pumping technology is one of the important technologies in green energy, and it is also the development direction supported by the national sustainable energy policy in the future.
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Project Introduction
Project location: The southern part of the desert in Jingbian County, Shaanxi Province, China

Under the help and coordination of related authorities including the provincial anti- desertification leading group and provincial shelterbelt construction station, the pumping source of agricultural irrigation systems was successfully setup on June 12, 2009.
  • PS3000 solar pumping agricultural irrigation system
  • solartech solar pumping system
  • desert economy plants
  • ecological agriculture demonstration
Adopting Solartech PS3000 solar pumping agricultural irrigation system to irrigate a land area of 17 acres (about 70035m2) of desert economy plants.
Economic Benefits
The solar pump system can generate electricity 7500 kWh annually, in its 25-year long application, the system can save standard coal up to 70 tons, reduce emission of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, soot and ash by 31 tons, 1.4 tons, 1.1 tons and 18 tons respectively. Compared with flood irrigation, the solar pumping ground gravity drip irrigation system is able to save water by 70%, so to improve the efficiency of irrigation.
Social Benefits
This project is a typical case of theory application in sand industry. Based on 18,000 acre land including managed and non-managed sand land, this project applied solartech’s solar irrigation system, relating technical ecological agriculture project to sand prevention base. This project is also a crucial ecological agriculture demonstration case which is to integrate sand prevention and promotion of sustainable development of economic society; integrate technical measure, engineering measure and farming measure; integrate sand prevention, local economy and better life of farmers; integrate ecological effect and economic effect and integrate ecology building, industry development, framework adjust.
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