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Seawater desalination
In order to improve the reliability of fresh water supply in remote islands and deserts, the solar seawater or brackish water desalination can be installed to solve the problem of fresh water supply on the basis of the existing diesel power desalination system or long-distance water conveyance system supply mode.
Solar desalination system has a great potential market in remote islands and deserts area. Solartech solar seawater desalination system and solar brackish water desalination system are powered by PV array, and desalination device is directly driven by solar pumping inverter without battery, which solves the problem of living water supply and crop planting in island, and desert areas, meet the demand of "self-sufficiency".
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Project Introduction
Project Location: Xisha, Hainan Province, China (2009)
With the increase in development activities in the island, people living on the island face a series of problems and the construction of rural infrastructure facilities such as water, power supply systems, roads and living conditions are poor.

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Adopting Solartech PS5500 and PS3000 solar sea water desalinization system. PS3000 system controls elevator pump, and PS5500 system controls sea water desalination device.
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Solar sea water desalinization system would supply 6m3 freshwater per day, can generate electricity 1,4600 kWh annually. The people in the islands no need to go to the mainland to take the water for daily use.
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