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Solar and Water, a Better Future
Research center
Solar Pumping Technology Research Center
Solar pumping technology research center is established in Tshinghua University Shenzhen Graduate School and research team comprised of academia of Chinese Academy of Science, doctors, masters and experts. World-leading national key laboratories and world’s first solar pumping system research and demo base are located in the research center.
State Key Laboratory
Shenzhen Research Institute, the State Key Laboratory of power system, was established in October 2000. It is the first State Key Laboratory in Shenzhen officially approved by the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China. Shenzhen Research Institute of State Key Laboratory of power system has solar power generation experimental platform (water pumping system, grid connection and energy storage), wind power water extraction test platform and power electronic product development test platform. According to the technical development and market demand, taking inverter technology as the core, actively cooperating with enterprises, we have developed a series of products such as special frequency converter for permanent magnet synchronous motor, special inverter for solar energy / wind energy lifting, solar grid connected power generation inverter, and carried out interdisciplinary research with the environmental engineering laboratory and green chemical power laboratory in the Institute.
  • Dr. Lu, Qiang
    Dr. Lu, Qiang
    Chief Scientist, Academia of Chinese Academy of Science, Professor of Tsinghua University
    Standing committee member of the CPPCC.
    Chief scientist of Chinese Key Fundamental Research Project
    Committee member of the 8th, 9th and 10th CPPCC
    Central committee member of the 7th China Democratic League
    Vice chairman of the 8th and 9th China Democratic league
    Twice honored second price of National Natural Science Award
  • Dr. Xu, Zheng
    Dr. Xu, Zheng
    Chief Engineer, Associate Professor of Tsinghua University, Doctor of Engineering
    Creator of solar pumping technology
    Vice president of Shenzhen New Energy Association
    Member of council of GuangDong Association of Automation
    Committee member of ShenZhen Power Conservation Experts Committee
    Executive director of Shenzhen Solar Energy Society
    Expert of ShenZhen Power Conservation Expert league
    Expert of ShenZhen government procurement center
    Member of the editorial board of 《Modern electric power system series》
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