Application Field


System Technology
MPPT method
Solartech MPPT multi criteria method is a patent algorithm of dynamic VI maximum power point tracking, which has fast response speed and good operation stability. It can make full use of solar energy to solve the problem of poor tracking effect and unstable operation of the traditional MPPT method when the sunlight intensity changes rapidly, even causing water hammer danger, and prolonging the service life of the system.
  • Fast startup
  • Long running
  • Stable photoelectric
  • Avoid water
  • Prolong water pump
    service lifespan

Remote monitoring
Combined with Solartech remote monitoring system can achieve the data collecting, smart analyzing and abnormal warning of the solar pumping system.

  • Monitoring the operation
    status of solar pumping
    system, including inverter
    operation parameters and
    operation status of water
    delivery system
  • Monitor the operation status of DM equipment
  • Record the historical operation data of solar pumping system, conduct statistics and analysis, and read them at any time
  • Remote setting of system control parameters to enable or disable various functions
  • Remote control of inverter operation mode and parameter modification
  • Operation record of monitoring system and fault history of inverters

Solar priority
Solartech solar pumping system can support or realize hybrid power complementary power supply, use solar power system, and configure power grid, wind power, diesel generator and battery for hybrid use, providing 24-hour operation guarantee.
Solar Priority, with Grid Complementary: when solar power system and AC power supply (grid or diesel generator) are available at the same time, under the condition of ensuring the normal operation of solar pumping system, the priority is given to the maximum utility of solar power system, and the AC power supply is automatically shielded or connected.
Series PB-G3 PB/PM/PK
Function Inverter can support grid power or diesel generation power supply Optional selection of solar pumping control box to support hybrid power complementary supply

Multi-pump linkage
Solartech solar pumping system - multi-linkage system is powered by a unified solar array, and multiple sets of solar pumps operate in parallel. The system adopts Solartech patented algorithm to adjust the energy distribution according to the change of solar radiation intensity, so as to ensure that the pump works at the best efficiency point. Compared with the single set of solar pumping system, the effective utilization rate of solar energy can be increased by 10% ~ 15%, at the same time, the system reliability can be improved, and the transportation / installation / maintenance cost can be reduced. It is especially suitable for big-power and high water head pumping system.
Multi-pump desalination

Solar desalination system
Combining R/O water production technology with solar water pumping technology can realize water production entirely from PV power supply
No need for energy storage devices, saving system construction and maintenance costs
Fully automatic operation, full digital control, simple operation
Anti-corrosion, anti-typhoon, anti-lightning, strong environmental applicability
Support backup AC power input to meet emergency use needs
System optimized selection
SP Manager Software is user software based on the Windows operating system developed by Solartech for the Solartech Solar Pumping System product selection and configuration.
  • Automatically calculation and selection
  • Output system design
  • Provide product data sheet
  • Customized company information
  • Save manpower
    investment cost
  • Quickly provide
    configuration options
  • The design scheme
    is scientific and rigorous
  • Project parameter
    Project parameter
  • The selection results provided
    by design scheme are comprehensive
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