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  • A Lift、Daily water requirement、installation site、the average sunshine hours of the installation site, usage of water etc.
  • A The Solartech solar pumping dedicated inverter is adopted to achieve MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) to regulate the speed of the pump, and the water output changes while the sunshine radiation changes, so, cubic meters/day is the only standard measurement of the water output of a solar pumping system.
  • A Please fill in "Solar Pumping Project Questionnaire" with the right information then sunmit or send back to us for the project solution, our sales engineers will respond to your request as soon as possible.
  • A Potential problem will happen during the operating of the inverter due to the temperature, humidity, dust, and vibration of the inside ambient of the inverter, for the long duration and stable running, the inverter should be examined once in a year.
    Maintenance requirements
    1)The examination should be carried out by a Professional person. And cut down the circuit before the examination
    2)Make sure no metal scrape is left inside the inverter, orelse it would be damaged.
    3)Do not do any pressure resisting test as the electric insulation of the inverter has been tested before delivery.
    4)When there is a necessary to do the insulation testing of the inverter, connect all the input and output plug in short circuit, and it is prohibited to do the same to single plug. And please use a Meg-ohmmeter.
    5)Meg-ohmmeter is prohibited to use for controlling circuit.
    6)Disconnect the inverter and the motor when testing the insulation of the motor.
    (If you already purchased our products, please refer to the manual for solution to problem happened or contact us directly.)
  • A Please be advised with below notes if the inverter shall be preserved for along time.
    1)Keep it away from high temperature, humidity, vibration or ambient with metal ash, and keep in good ventilation.
    2)when not used for long time, the characteristic of filtering capacitance will get to be low, and power it once in every two years to revive the characteristic and check its function. And increase the DC voltage gradually when the power is on, and keep it for not less than 5 hours.
  • A The solar PV module is with 25 years of using life, and the output power will get lower as the time past.
  • A Please contact our marketing center.
  • A In the following cases, the remote monitoring function is recommended:
    a. the installation location is remote and the maintenance cost is high;
    b. Need professional personnel for remote debugging and installation guidance;
    c. Need to know the real-time operation status of the system and obtain the relevant data of power generation and water supply;
    d. Need to remotely control the operation of the pump, adjust the system operating parameters.
    In order to use Solartech remote monitoring system, users need to install DM data monitor to monitor Solartech solar pumping system through mobile App Solar Winsight or Solar SPmaster remote monitoring platform.
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