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Agriculture and forestry irrigation
With the acceleration of the world economic integration, the global population and economic scale are growing. The food problem, agricultural water conservancy and energy source demand have brought severe challenges to human survival and development and natural ecosystem, which has become an urgent issue for all countries in the world to solve together.
Traditional agricultural and forestry irrigation methods mainly include border irrigation, furrow irrigation and flood irrigation, while modern water-saving irrigation methods mainly include drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and micro irrigation.
Solartech solar pumping system uses the infinite solar energy as the power to drive the pumping system to obtain the irrigation water source. It is can be integrated together with drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, micro irrigation, infiltration irrigation and other irrigation equipment. It can not only solve the problem of water shortage irrigation in off grid or power shortage areas, but also realize the comprehensive benefits of water saving, energy saving, yield increase and environmental protection. The solar water conservancy industry solutions, which initiated and promoted by Solartech, lead the global photovoltaic industry, promote the development of new energy agricultural water conservancy, and help solve global food security problems.
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Project Introduction
Project Location: Sunamganj County, northeast Bangladesh (2017)

Bangladesh has abundant water resources, due to the weak power infrastructure and power shortage, Bangladesh is still a "water shortage" country, especially for agricultural irrigation water. Fortunately, Bangladesh is also a country with abundant solar energy resources, which is a prerequisite for the promotion of solar pumping system in Bangladesh.
  • solartech 55kW solar surface pump
  • solartech 55kW solar surface pump
  • solar surface pump
  • 55kW solar pump
In 2020, Solartech the 55kW solar surface pump is selected for the solar agricultural irrigation project installed in Bangladesh.

Since 2008, Shenzhen Solartech has taken the lead in promoting the original solar pumping system products and solar water conservancy solutions such as solar agricultural irrigation and solar living water supply in Bangladesh.
Practical application cases show that the solar irrigation system based on solar pumping system provide irrigation facilities using clean energy for rural non grid areas in Bangladesh, and reduce the demand for diesel and other fossil fuels as well as power consumption of the national grid in the busy agricultural irrigation season. Solar irrigation system has become an innovative and environment-friendly solarwater conservancy industry solution for Bangladesh agricultural economy.
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