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Ecological waterscape
With the continuous improvement of living standards, people pursue a natural and harmonious living environment, and yearn for "mountain and river" pastoral life. In urban parks, residential areas and rural villas, the construction of ecological waterscape has become popular. Because the operation of most artificial waterscape needs to consume more electricity, which brings huge electricity expenditure to property companies or owners, many ecological waterscapes are not open or rarely open after they are completed, which is nothing.
Solartech solar pumping system is an ideal solution to solve the above problems.
Solar pumping system has three main functions in ecological waterscape. They are water circulation, fountains or waterfalls and irrigate the grassland. And also the solar array can be installed in many ways, roof of the building, the shed in the garden of the community, the ceiling of the outdoor parking lot, or use the sun tree with unique shape, which has good publicity and beautification effect.
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Project Introduction
Project Location: Shenzhen, China(2011)
  • Project Introduction: Using Solartech PS1500 and PS3000 solar pumping system on the solar fountain and waterfall in Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School.
  • waterscape system
  • campus landscape
  • waterscape system
  • solar carport
In the design and construction process of waterscape, solar pumping system is integrated. Solar energy is used to provide enough power for the waterscape system during the day, and the power supply can be connected to the municipal power supply at night, which greatly saves the electricity cost.
The total power of solar pumping system can be configured according to the power required by waterscape. Considering the installation conditions of solar array, the total power of 2-10kw is reasonable. The whole system can also be divided into several independent small systems, which are distributed in different locations according to the actual environment of the installation site.
Various unique faucets were used to display different effects according to sunlight. The systems blend perfectly with the campus landscape and improve water circulation and quality in the poor.
  • waterscape system
  • campus landscape
  • waterscape system
  • solar carport
6480kWh electricity generated annually and add unique scenery to the beautiful campus.
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