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Food and ecology are important issues for the survival and development of human society. The world's population continues to increase, from 5.3 billion in 1990 to 7 billion in 2011, and will reach 8 billion in 2025. The earth's resources are already overburdened, and the crisis of energy, food and water resources is becoming more and more serious. At the same time, the environmental pollution, land desertification, farmland reduction, pasture degradation and other problems caused by human activities are also very serious. It is urgent to re-examine and change the mode of human social development, and realize sustainable development through science and technology and industrial innovation.
The practical application cases of Solartech solar grassland irrigation and solar livestock drinking water system in Latin America, Africa, Australia and other animal husbandry developed countries and regions show that with stable and reliable irrigation and drinking water supply, the production capacity of excellent grassland can be increased by 10 ~ 30 times, and that of desert grassland can be increased by 20 ~ 40 times. At the same time, grassland conservation and rational grazing can not only increase grassland carrying capacity and promote the development of animal husbandry, but also promote the balance of grassland ecological environment system.
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Project Introduction
Project Location: Durazno Province, central Uruguay (2020)

Uruguay is a country with developed agriculture and animal husbandry. Animal husbandry plays an important role in Uruguay's national economy. The export of traditional products such as meat, wool and leather accounts for about 2 / 3 of the total export. However, the development of agriculture and animal husbandry and agricultural products processing industry has been seriously restricted due to the dependence on electricity import from neighboring countries.
In August 2020, Shenzhen Solartech 3.7KW AC solar pumping system was successfully installed in a ranch in Durazno Province, central Uruguay. The system is powered by solar PV generator to pump water from deep well to the reservoir for supplying drinking water to the cattles. The system is fully automatic operation, without manual guard and battery.
  • 3.7KW AC solar pumping system
  • drinking water to the cattles
The operation of the system not only provides stable and reliable drinking water for cattle, but also saves fuel oil and maintenance costs compared with the previous use of diesel pump, which improves the management efficiency of pasture and ensures the income of herdsmen.
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