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Solar Water Conservancy
Solar water conservancy is composed of solar pumping system, water conservancy project, solar irrigation and solar water treatment. It is widely used in solar agriculture and solar forestry irrigation, solar desert control, solar grassland animal husbandry, solar domestic water, solar seawater or brackish water desalination, solar ecological waterscape and other fields. Make full use of high-tech solar pumping technology to integrate into water conservancy construction and agricultural construction projects, achieve the purpose of saving manpower, financial resources, material resources and electricity, and create a lot of economic and social value for water conservancy projects.

Over the past 15 years, Solartech has devoted itself to the research on the application of solar and water conservancy system,

applying photovoltaic technology to the fields of traditional water conservancy system,

such as "agriculture and forestry irrigation", "desert control", "grassland and animal husbandry",

"seawater desalination", " waterscape" and "domestic water".

Through the practical application in more than 130 countries and regions around the world,

the solar pumping system products have been widely used, systematically summarizes

the cost-effective application solutions of solar water conservancy system,

and creates a new chapter in the history of the combination of photovoltaic and water conservancy.
Solar Water
  • Solar Pumping System
    Solar Pumping System
    AC solar pumping system
    PM solar pumping system
  • Water Conservancy Engineering
    Water Conservancy Engineering
    Well drilling (water intake scheme design)
    Construction of canal system
    Construction of water storage system
  • Solar Irrigation
    Solar Irrigation
    Flood irrigation
    Drip irrigation
    Sprinkler irrigation
    Micro irrigation
  • Solar Water Treatment
    Solar Water Treatment
    Seawater / brackish water desalination
    Sewage disposal
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