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Solartech solar pumping system installed in Afghanistan was highly praised by UNICEF
22 2022-12-30
Project Location:
Nimroz, Afghanistan
Project Introduction:
According to the UNICEF Afghanistan, 79% of Afghan households surveyed recently reported water shortage. How to effectively solve this problem and ensure the safe drinking water of local residents has become the top priority of the local government. In December 2022, in Nimroz, Afghanistan, funded by UNICEF, the solar powered residential water supply project is officially accepted and handed over to the local government for management and operation.
Three sets of 22kW and four sets of 37kW Solartech PB-G3 series solar water pump systems of are selected for the project. In combination with the project requirements, in the system scheme design, Solartech solar pumping system are equipped with a number of advanced functions and technologies, such as solar and diesel power hybrid, diesel engine self-starting, remote monitoring and multi pump parallel operation, to achieve full automatic all-weather operation of the system, extremely simplify system installation and operation, and intelligent remote operation and maintenance management.
Social Benefits:
After the project is completed and put into operation, it has guaranteed the safety of drinking water for the residents around the project site, which has been highly recognized and praised by UNICEF, local owners and residents.
Case Pictures:
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