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Infinite Solar Energy
Solartech Solar Water Pumping System Helps Chilean Farms Solve Irrigation Water Problems
69 2022-12-01
Project Location:
Docamavida, Chile
Project Introduction:
In November 2022, in Docamavida, Chile, Solartech 3kW solar solar water pumping system was successfully installed on a farm for growing corn and watermelons.
The system consists of a 3kW Solartech PB series solar pumping inverter, a deep well pump, 12 solar monocrystalline silicon panels, pipelines and other accessories.
Social Benefits:
The solar water pumping technology initiated by Solartech uses solar energy as the power source, and it can be used immediately. It does not require energy storage batteries, erection of power grids, operation of electricity fees, and investment in water transmission channels. It is easy to plan and construct.
Case Pictures:
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