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Solar living water supply system to solve urgent needs for residents in Madi Okollo District, Uganda
136 2023-05-25
Project Location:
Project Introduction:
The Madi Okollo District, located in northern Uganda, faces challenges in terms of water supply for local communities due to climate drought and sparse rainfall. To address this challenge, the Ugandan government vigorously promotes and supports the construction of community residents' shared water supply stations based on the use of solar water pump systems.
In May 2023, the community residents' shared water supply station in Kati Town, located in Madiocolo District, completed acceptance and officially began operation. This project uses the Solartech PB-G3 series 30kW solar water pumping system, with average daily water output capacity over 200 cubic meters, mainly used to provide drinking water and sanitation.
Social Benefits:
According to the project owner's feedback, thanks to the completion of the project, local community residents can maintain normal living water supply. Compared to pulling the power grid for power supply, the project has saved about 60% of investment costs.
Case Pictures:
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