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The solar powered water pump system is playing an increasingly important role in rain-fed farming in Uganda
50 2023-04-26
Project Location:
Project Introduction:
Rain-fed farming plays an important role in the history of human development and is still prevalent in many developing countries to this day.In recent years, with global warming, there have been significant changes in the timing of the dry and rainy seasons in Uganda. The dry season has arrived when crops still need irrigation, which has had a significant impact on local rain-fed farming.
Solartech PB-G3 series solar powered water pump system has the characteristics and advantages of ready to use, automatic operation, no need storage battery and easy planning and construction.
Social Benefits:
It can provide backup irrigation conditions for rain-fed farming in Uganda during the dry season, ensuring crop yields and farmers' income.The below project case is located in Kitgum District, northern Uganda, and was completed and put into operation in March 2023.
Case Pictures:
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