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High-Efficiency Solar Water Pumping System Based on DC Brushless Motor
Source:Solartech Date:2014-12-10
This article will introduce Shenzhen Solartech New Energy's DC series solar water pump system based on DC brushless motors. With the rapid development of high-performance permanent magnet materials, microelectronics technology, automatic control technology and power electronics technology, especially high-power semiconductor devices, brushless DC motors have developed rapidly.
The brushless DC motor is a type of permanent magnet synchronous motor, and its main feature is that its rotor excitation winding is a permanent magnet. Compared with induction motors and ordinary synchronous motors, it does not require an excitation device, so the structure is simplified and the efficiency is improved. Compared with the DC motor, it inherits the characteristics of high operating efficiency and good speed regulation performance, while eliminating the commutator and brushes, reducing interference, and improving the reliability and life of the motor.
Based on the advantages of superior speed control performance, small size, light weight, and high efficiency of brushless DC motors, it is widely used in many field such as national defense, robotics, aerospace, rail transit, precision machine tools, automotive electronics, household appliances, office automation, and industrial process control, etc.
In the field of solar pumping system, three-phase asynchronous motors and DC brushless motors are currently the main driving motors. High-power solar water pumping systems still use high-efficiency three-phase asynchronous motors in the majority, and medium and small power systems use brushless DC motors.
Solartech Permanent Magnet Solar Pumping System
The permanent magnet DC solar water pump system developed by Shenzhen Solartech New Energy Co., Ltd. uses a sensorless DC brushless motor as the driving motor, and matches a high-efficiency screw pump. Compared with the AC solar pumping system of the same power level, the system efficiency is greatly improved. Whether it is the cost of system installation to consumers, or energy saving and emission reduction to the society and the ecological environment, it has positive significance. Solartech solar water pumping system realizes one-time investment and benefits for life. Conventional DC brushless motor control needs to use rotor position information for commutation, which requires a Hall position sensor to detect the rotor position on the motor. The existence of the sensor increases the process requirements and costs of motor manufacturing, and reduces the reliability of the system. At the same time, the temperature-sensitive characteristics of the sensor also limit its application range. The company's permanent magnet solar water pumping system integrates self-developed sensorless control technology to realize the recognition of the motor rotor position and solve a series of disadvantages caused by the installation of sensors.
The screw pump used in the system is a type of positive displacement pump. Through the relative movement between the screw of the eccentric spiral body and the bushing whose inner surface is a double helix surface, the whole system can realize the squeezing solar solar water lifting of the whole system. It is characterized by high efficiency, stable flow, high reliability, self-priming capability, and can transport high-viscosity media. It was mainly used for oil extraction in the early days. Introducing it into the water lifting system is mainly to take advantage of its high water output efficiency. It is generally used in occasions where the head is relatively high and there is not much water used. If it can meet the water output needs, it can also be used in occasions where the head demand is not high. Compared with centrifugal pumps of the same power level, the minimum energy required for the screw pump to discharge water is greatly reduced under the same head.
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