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Solartech Solar Pumping System, a New Solar Finance Model in Yemen
36 2014-09-20
Project Location:
Haja province, Yemen, Middle East
Project Introduction:
Haja locates in the north of Yemen, neighboring with Sana’a. There is no big rivers in Yemen, most of irrigation water comes from underground. The owner of green village spent about 85USD a day to keep the diesel generator working for 12 hours. Recently the fuel shortage and rising price made many farms could not maintain the living and production standards.
In 2014 September, Solartech PS30K solar pumping system was applied and became the biggest solar pumping project in Yemen after installation, it can produce water 800m3 daily at 70m water head using a 30kW Solartech AC submersible centrifugal solar pump for living use and Mango trees irrigation. Base on the encryption for installment payment designed by Solartech, Yemen Agriculture Bank can safely provide loan to farmers. Differ from noisy diesel pumping systems, solar pumping system operates quietly, the investment payoff period is only 3 years. Due to outstanding product performance, Solartech from China has become the most reliable solar pumping brand for Yemen government and financial institutions.
Case Pictures:
Solartech Built a New Solar Finance Model
Solartech Built a New Solar Finance Model
Solartech PS30K Solar Pumping System
Solartech PS30K Solar Pumping System
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