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Mozambique rural residential water supply project saves 60% of electricity expenses through solar pumping retrofit
25 2023-03-08
Project Location:
Project Introduction:
In some rural areas of Mozambique, residential drinking water supply is facing challenges. To help the government solve this problem, some private operators are investing in drilling wells to provide water for residential areas.The water supply system shown in this project case was originally powered by the grid and has been in operation for more than 5 years. In the past few years, the local electricity price has increased significantly, resulting in an increase in the electricity cost of the water supply system operators and a reduction in profits.
In order to solve this problem, the operator selects three PB-G3 series 3.7kW solar pump inverters with the function of "Solar Priority with Grid Complementary and Multi-pump Linkage" from Solartech, drives three 2.2kW submersible water pumps in parallel, and the power grid and solar system are hybrid to input. The power is mainly supplied by solar energy in the daytime, and switch into the power grid for supplementary power supply in cloudy days or at night. The total lift of the system is 47 meters, and the average daily water supply exceeds 120 cubic meters.
Social Benefits:
According to the operator's feedback, from the power consumption data of one month of operation after the transformation, it is expected that the cost of electricity will be reduced by 60%, which greatly boosted the operator's confidence to continue to invest and operate their rural residential drilling water supply project.
Case Pictures:
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