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The Story of Sunshine and Water in Morocco
Source:Solartech Date:2022-12-20
In the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the "Lions de l'Atlas" Morocco defeated Portugal and entered the semi-finals as an absolute dark horse. The world of football looked at him with admiration.

Morocco football team(Photo Credit: Getty Images)
Previously, when it came to Morocco, everyone's impression of this country came from the classic Oscar movie "Casablanca". In fact, its charm is not limited to this.

Casablanca movie poster
In addition to being called "Europe's back garden", Morocco is also a large agricultural country in Africa, with 8.95 million hectares of arable land and 5.58 million hectares of grain cultivation.At the same time, animal husbandry is relatively developed, with about 20.29 million hectares of grassland and pasture. 

Morocco Farmers (Photo Credit: World Bank)
However, it is located at the northwestern tip of Africa, with complex terrain and diverse climates. It is hot and dry in summer, especially at the edge of the Sahara Desert, which presents a dry desert climate. The average annual precipitation is scarce. The problem of agricultural irrigation in these areas is very prominent.

Desertification of Moroccan (Photo Credit: UNIDO)
Morocco is also relatively poor in energy, and currently more than 95% of basic energy depends on import. The above natural and climatic conditions limit the development of agriculture and animal husbandry in Morocco. Fortunately, Morocco has plenty of sunshine, making it ideal for solar technology applications and related products. Therefore, since 2008, the Moroccan government has actively developed renewable energy to solve water problems in agricultural irrigation, livestock drinking water, and desert control.

Morocco has great potential for solar power generation
Solartech is actively working with local partners to take the lead in establishing a demonstration site for the application of solar water-saving irrigation. In a desert area in the south of Morocco, there is a nursery base for hundreds of mu of dwarf palm trees. Solartech 30kw AC solar pumping system is selected as the water supply pumping station of the nursery base. The project is with 200m water head and average daily water discharge is more than 200 m3. Combined with drip irrigation system, the water can meet the requirements of irrigation water for dwarf palms. The system also supports the hybrid power input, can automatically switch to the diesel power supply system to pump water in cloudy days or at night. 
Solar array pumping station to pump water
                      Irrigation canal
Dwarf palm tree nursery base
The actual case proves that the Solartech solar water pumping system can effectively solve the local energy scarcity problem in Morocco, while solving irrigation and livestock drinking water problems for local farms and pastures, it also reduces the use of fossil energy such as diesel and gasoline, reduce operating costs and protect the local ecological environment, provided a cost-effective solar water conservancy industry solution for the Moroccan government to seek sustainable new energy development and application.
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