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Solartech Solar Pumping System Helps Agricultural Development Project in Agadez Region, Niger
Source:Shenzhen Solartech Date:2023-03-02
Located in the Agadez region in the north of Niger, there is the Historic Centre of Agadez approved by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee as a cultural heritage and included in the World Heritage List, known as the "Gateway to the Desert".
Historic Centre of Agadez (Image Source: Publié par Souleymane Ag Anara)
Since most of the area has a tropical desert climate, it is dry and rainless all year round. Coupled with unstable power supply, it is very difficult to develop agriculture and animal husbandry even in limited irrigable areas. Therefore, local farmers and herdsmen are often threatened by lack of water for irrigation and food shortages. In order to achieve food security and sustainable agricultural development in the region, the Niger government actively promotes and supports the development of solar water-saving irrigation projects in the region.