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Solartech Permanent Magnet Solar Pump Provides a Good Solution for Livestock Drinking in Dry Regions of Bolivia
Source:Solartech Date:2020-03-30
In January 2020, Shenzhen Solartech permanent magnet solar pumping system was successfully installed in Bolivia. Total water head around 36 meters and average daily water flow around 36 tons. The project is used for livestock drinking water in pastoral areas, which not only provides sufficient drinking water for local livestock in the dry season, but also improves the conditions for local herdsmen to raise livestock and promotes the development of local animal husbandry.

This project is powered by 8 pcs 320W solar panels and adopts Solartech SPM41800C036 permanent magnet solar pump,which consists of a PM1800D solar pumping inverter and a 1.5kW centrifugal pump.
Solartech PM Solar Pumping Inverter adopts patented dynamic VI maximum power tracking (MPPT) algorithm, which has high reliability and an up to 98% conversion efficiency.The permanent magnet pump adopts permanent magnet (DC brushless) motor excited by rare earth permanent magnet material without excitation coil or excitation current. Compared with the same capacity asynchronous motor, its efficiency is significantly improved by 5%-20%, which achieves a strong competitive advantage of high efficiency.
Solartech Permanent Magnet Solar Pumps Features:
1. Less solar panels, big water flow.
2. High overall efficiency compared with the same capacity asynchronous motor.
3. 10 years designed life.
4. Optional helical rotor pump for high lift and centrifugal pump for big flow.
Solartech Permanent Magnet Solar Pumps Advantages:
1. Easy to install.
2. Intelligent recognition of input voltage, automatic operation without manual setting of voltage parameters.
3. Optional solar pumping control box, which supports grid/diesel backup power supply to satisfy all-weather 24 hours operation demand.
Smart & Convenience:
1. Optimally System Selection: to provide the best water supply efficiency scheme and ensure the comprehensive operation of the system.
2. Intelligently Remote Monitoring: to diagnose faults by remote control, provide convenient after-sales service and smart management and maintenance service.
3. Full automatic operation, free setting of the operation frequency range of pump according to system conditions, 8 years storage capacity for operation data.
Safety & Efficiency
1. Supporting soft start of pump, full motor protections, optional water level switch to prevent overflow and dry running.
2. Full aluminum alloy shell with IP52 protection grade, ambient temperature: -20°C~+60°C.
3. Full protections including overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, overcurrent protection, overload protection, overheat protection.
4. Higher operation efficiency and lighter weight due to adoption of high efficient permanent magnet (DC brushless) motor.
5. High reliability due to the uses of intelligent power modules (IPM) in main circuit, up to 98% conversion efficiency of the inverter.
6. Patented dynamic VI maximum power tracking (MPPT) algorithm, fast response, good stability and 99% MPPT efficiency.
Solartech Solar Pumping System Advantages: 
1. Ready to use.
2. Automatic operation and no need to pay electricity bills.
3. No need grid network or water channels.
4. Water storage instead of electricity storage and no need energy storage batteries.
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