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Solar Irrigation Makes Electricity Bill Free to be a Reality!
Source:Solartech Date:2020-04-01
Food and ecology are the key to the living and development of human society. With the continuous increase of the world's population, the crisis of energy and water resources is becoming more and more serious. In addition to the environmental pollution, land desertification, arable land reduction, pasture degradation caused by human activities, there is an urgent need to promote a new model for social progress and sustainable development.

Solar Pumping Water-Saving System in Brazil-2014
Agricultural irrigation is the "largest water consumer" and also the "most wasteful consumer”. The development of irrigation technology has undergone simple improvements from rainfed farming, ground flow, flooding irrigation to the traditional submerged irrigation, canal irrigation, barrel irrigation and ladle irrigation.
In recent years, the application of water resources becomes more and more important. Widely used technologies such as sprinkler irrigation, micro-sprinkling irrigation, drip irrigation, sub-film drip irrigation, and mechanical irrigation promote agricultural irrigation to "precise water use" and "precise irrigation", which saves water and increases production capacity.

Solar Pumping Drip Irrigation System in Eritrea - 2015 
For a quite long time, because of the large investment in the construction of rural power grid and the high cost of electricity, flooding irrigation in farmland is very common. Water used for flooding irrigation exceeds the amount absorbed by plants,and most of the water is evaporated. The low effective water utilization causes huge waste of water resources.
Solar pumping system is combined with water-saving irrigation equipment such as sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation, and micro-irrigation to form a high-efficiency water-saving irrigation system, which fully solves the problems of large investment in rural power grid construction and high cost of electricity. Water saving utilization rate reaches 60% to 80%.
Solartech solar pumping system technology becomes the most popular innovative application technology in the power shortage and power failure areas in the world due to its advantages of ready to use, automatic operation and no need to pay for electricity.

2016 years Solar Pumping Water-Saving System in Bangladesh-2016
Solar water-saving irrigation technology is a solar water conservancy industry technology, which combines solar pumping technology with water-saving irrigation technology. It not only opens up new application fields for the development of photovoltaic industry but also solves water problems in the no electricity or power shortage areas.
In remote regions with unbalanced water resources and uneven energy distribution around the world, due to the lack of power grid, geographical or seasonal water shortage, and irrigation water shortage, agricultural and animal husbandry production is seriously restricted. Solar water-saving irrigation technology fundamentally solves the problem of agricultural water supply.

Solar Pumping Water-Saving System in Brazil
Since 2001, Solartech solar pumping technology has cooperated with many photovoltaic companies and water-saving irrigation enterprises around the world, which jointly promoted the rapid development of the global solar water conservancy industry. 

Solar Pumping Water-Saving Irrigation System in Maowusu Desert - 2009
Solartech solar pumping system products have been widely applied in agriculture&forest irrigation, desert control, pasture animal husbandry, living water supply, seawater& brackish desalination and other fields in more than 120 countries and regions. In 2014, the Tsinghua R&D team led by Solartech and Dr. Xu Zheng collectively awarded the United Nations Global Human Settlements Model of Green Technology.
Solar water conservancy technology initiated by Solartech takes solar energy as the power source to directly convert DC power into AC power to drive motors and no need power gird, energy storage batteries or to pay for electricity bills. And it does not need any investment for channel construction and is easy to operate with low-cost.
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