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Solartech PB-G4 Solar Water Pump Inverter Are Launched Successfully
Source:Solartech Date:2022-10-21
On October 20, 2022, Shenzhen Solartech Renewable Energy Co., Ltd.(Solartech) successfully held a global  "PB-G4 Smart Pro E Solar Pumping Inverter" new product online launch conference.
Solartech PB-G4 Smart Pro E Solar Pumping Inverter
At the meeting, Mr. Chen Ruijian, deputy general manager of Solartech, announced the official launch of the PB-G4 solar water pumping inverter, and introduced the advanced technologies and advanced features of the PB-G4 water pumping inverter , in order to promote the global development of the solar water conservancy industry.
Like the series of solar water pumping inverters launched by Solartech in the early stage, the PB-G4 series solar pump inverter continues the design standards of high quality and high efficiency, and at the same time strengthens its environmental adaptability, power supply adaptability and motor adaptability in the inverter performance. In the actual solar water pump system project, it can help simplify system design, wiring and installation, improve system safety and reliability, and also save the overall cost of system installation and ensure the service life of equipment. What is more, PB-G4 solar pumping inverter have extended function of auxiliary surplus energy storage and surplus power grid connection with solar charging controller and solar grid-tied inverter equipped.

Mr. Chen Ruijian, deputy general manager of Solartech,
announced the official launch of the PB-G4 solar pumping inverter
The conference was attended by technical experts, distributors and user representatives from solar water conservancy, solar water-saving irrigation, solar modules, solar water pumping, solar water pumps and water treatment. The technical & support department director of Solartech introduced the product functions and system technology of PB-G4 solar water pumping inverter, and the overseas business director of Solartech combined with actual cases to discuss with attendees how solar water pumping system solutions and solar water conservancy industry integrated solutions play a role and contribute to solve global water crisis, food shortage, energy security and ecosystems.
Solartech sales & marketing group photo after launch event

PB-G4 series solar pumping inverter is the fourth generation of intelligent professional-grade solar water pumping inverter. The characteristics are as follows:
  • Strong Adaptability To Meet Diverse Needs
Compatible with all types of pumps
using asynchronous motors or permanent magnet synchronous motors
Support grid or fuel generator auxiliary power supply
  • Integrated Design, Easy to Install
Highly integrated, saving the overall cost of the system
  • Outstanding Performance, Worry-free Outdoor Installation
Strong environmental suitability and strong weather resistance
  • Outstanding Function, Energy saving and Efficiency
Solar priority with complementary
  • Priority and maximum use of solar generator power supply when auxiliary power supply from grid or fuel-generator
One-key power saving, saving electricity
  • Manage input power to save electricity or fuel costs when auxiliary power is supplied by grid or fuel generator
Dry running protection, double identification
  • Double identification of water level signal by software or hardware, more reliable motor dry running protection
Unified solar array, multi-pump linkage operation
  • Unify the solar array to supply power to multiple sets of solar water pumps, saving the power configuration of the solar array
Embedded encryption, support PayGo solution
  • Expiration lock, paid unlock, expand business operation model
Remote monitoring, convenient operation and maintenance
  • Manage and maintain system operation through mobile app or computer management platform without leaving home or office
Intelligent sizing, optimized configuration
  • SP Manager sizing software automatically calculates the selection configuration and outputs the design scheme according to the project requirements

As the world’s leading solar pumping system professional manufacturer as well as the global solar water conservancy system technology solution provider, Solartech will continue to provide high-quality products and services to partners and users around the world.

Development and iteration history of Solartech solar pumping inverter
  • AC Solar Pumping Inverter
Series Main Features Time-To-Market
PB-01 PV Input 2001
PB Universal Pure Solar Input 2006
PF Universal With Boost Function 2008
PB-G2 Smart Hybrid Power Input 2016
PB-G3 Smart Hybrid Power Input PV Priority 2020
PB-G4 Smart Hybrid Power Input Solar Priority Integrated Design 2022
  • Permanent Magnet Solar Pumping Inverter (DC)
Series Main Features Time-To-Market
PM-D Universal Pure Solar Input 2012
PM-D-CA Universal Access to Battery Energy Storage 2019
PM-D-PG Universal Support PayGo Solution 2020
PM-S Smart Support PayGo Solution 2021
PM-S-AD Smart Hybrid Power Input Support PayGo Solution 2022
  • Extended Function Pumping Inverter
Series Main Features Time-To-Market
DA Universal Pure Solar Input Dual Output 2014
PW Smart Support Solar And Wind Power Complementary Input 2018
In 2001, Solartech solar water pumping system technology and equipment were used for the solar water-saving irrigation project of Xinjiang Taklamakan Desert Highway Shelter Forest, creating a new field of solar water-saving irrigation application.
In 2004, Solartech solar pumping R&D base was built in Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School to perform global solar pumping applied technology researches.
In 2008, Solartech solar pumping technology was honored "Excellence Award for Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements" at China HI-TECH Fair. Solartech was honored as“Innovative Enterprise”.
In 2011, Solartech solar pumping system technology was listed in the China Key Promotion Guidance Catalog of Advanced Water Conservancy Technologies by the Ministry of Water Resources.
In 2014, Solartech was awarded the United Nations Global Human Settlements Model of Green Technology.
In 2019, Solartech solar pumps were the Final List of Golbal Leap Awards,and can enjoy about 25%~30% subsidies from relevant international funds.
In 2020, Solartech was invited to attend the "Land-Solar Plus" webinar held by UNCCD and give a keynote speech.
In 2022, Solartech was invited to attend the the UNCCD COP15 Side Event and issued "Solar Pump Empower Land and People" to advocate the innovative development of solar water conservancy industry.
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