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Solartech Solar Water Pump Helps Argentine Herdsmen's Solve Livestock Drinking Water Problem
18 2022-11-08
Project Location:
Neuken, Argentina

Project Introduction:
Animal husbandry is the main source of economic income in Neuken, Argentina. Due to the influence of terrain and climate, most areas of the province are dry, and the average annual precipitation is less than 200 mm, which seriously restricts the development of local animal husbandry.In November 2022, a solar water pump system for cattle drinking water supply has been successfully installed in Santo Tomas, Neuken Province.

The solar pumping system consists of a Solartech PB-G3 series 5.5Hp solar pump, 22 solar panels and water pipes, etc. At the same time, the system is equipped with a gasoline generator to ensure that the water pump can operate at night. The whole set of system equipment operates automatically without manual operation and guard.

Social Benefits:
After the solar water pump system installed, the herdsman can save working time and cost of his cattle raising business, thus increasing economic income.
Case Pictures:
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