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Solartech Solar Pumping System Helps Agricultural Development Project in Agadez Region, Niger
250 2023-03-02
Project Location:
Project Introduction:
The Agadez region, located in the north of Niger, is mostly tropical desert climate, with drought and little rain all year round. In addition, the power supply is unstable, so it is very difficult to develop agriculture and animal husbandry even in limited irrigated areas. Therefore, local farmers and herdsmen are often threatened by water shortage irrigation and food shortage. In order to achieve food security and sustainable agricultural development in the region, the Niger government actively promotes and supports the development of photovoltaic water-saving irrigation projects in the region.
In February 2023, Solartech PB-G3 series 37kW AC solar pumping system was successfully applied to the solar water-saving irrigation project in the irrigation district in the Arlit. The system uses a submersible water pump to pump water from a 230 meter deep well to supply two 1200m3 water pools. At the same time, the two pools are equipped with two 11kW surface pumps to pump water from the pool and deliver it to the drip irrigation pipelines on 20 farmland to supply water for crops. The system adopts many advanced functions of Solartech PB-G3 Smart Pro solar pumping inverter, such as PV/AC power complementary input, with solar priority, multi-pump linkage operation and timing control, to improve the utilization efficiency of solar power generation and save project investment on the premise of ensuring water supply and irrigation.
Social Benefits:
The successful delivery and operation of this project will have a significant impact on the economic and social life of the region. From an economic perspective, the crop harvest in these irrigation areas is expected to be very good, increasing the income and purchasing power of local farmers. From a social perspective, the development of agriculture in the region will undoubtedly guarantee the supply of food, create more temporary and permanent employment opportunities and maintain social stability.
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