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Solartech 11kw solar agricultural irrigation system project in Iraq
70 2021-09-08
Project Location:
Project Introduction:
IIn August 2021, Solartech 11kW(15HP) AC solar pumping system was successfully installed in Iraq. The project is used for water supply of agricultural drip irrigation system.
Solartech PB-G3 Smart Pro solar pumping inverter is selected for this solar water pump system. The system operates automatically and supports grid power backed up.The two power supplies are switched automatically, solar power generation is preferred as priotiry, to meet the needs of 24-hour operation. IP65 protection grade, which can be installed independently without being installed in the control cabinet. It not only has convenient wiring and installation, but also saves labor and equipment costs.
Social Benefits:
Now, the farmer can use solar energy to drive his water pumping sytem during the day.When necessary at night, grid power can be used to supply power and pump water. Compared with his original water pump system, it significantly reduces electricity bills and system maintenance cost, and has obvious economic benefits.
Case Pictures:
solar array
solar array
PB-G3 solar pumping system
PB-G3 solar pumping system
solar array and support bracket
solar array and support bracket
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