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How to install a green and environment friendly solar water pump system on the farm? Here is a successful case for reference
67 2023-03-16
Project Location:
Project Introduction:
Bolivia's animal husbandry plays an important role in the national economy, and the local government has actively promoted the sustainable development of agriculture and animal husbandry in recent years.
In March 2023, on a farm in the suburb of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, a set of Solartech 2.2kW PB-G3 AC solar water pump system used to provide drinking water for cattle, sheep and other livestock was officially put into operation.According to the requirements of the project owner to save equipment costs, the local partner of Solartech made the mounting structure of solar array, pump station protective fence and water tank support using the wood discarded by the owner.
Social Benefits:
The owner is very satisfied with the installation effect of the whole system, which not only saves costs, but also is very close to the natural environment of the owner's farm.
Case Pictures:
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