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Bangladesh is actively developing solar agricultural irrigation to achieve food self-sufficiency
15 2023-03-23
Project Location:
Project Introduction:
Bangladesh is the fourth largest rice producing country in the world, with over 50% of the country's labor force engaged in rice cultivation.
In March 2023, a solar agricultural irrigation project of Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE), Bangladesh was officially put into operation after acceptance.Solartech PB-G3 series 4kW solar surface pump is selected for the project, which with total water head 10m and average daily water flow more than 400m3. The project is located in Bagerhat District, Bangladesh. It is initiated and funded by the DAE,Bangladesh.It mainly supplies water for rice field irrigation system.
Social Benefits:
After the operation of the project, not only the irrigation water for rice farmland is guaranteed, but also the electricity or fuel costs for agricultural irrigation are minimized.
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