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Solartech Solar Water Ecology Technology Helps ASEAN's "Clean Energy Transition and Carbon Neutral Goals"
Source:Solartech Shenzhen Date:2023-10-07
On August 30th, "Pumps and & Valves Asia", "ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week" and "Thaiwater", a large-scale comprehensive exhibition opened at QSNCC in Bangkok, Thailand. According to the statistics of the organizing committee of the exhibition, more than 25,000 trade visitors, entrepreneurs and buyers from more than 50 countries registered to attend the exhibition.

Solartech participated in this exhibition as an exhibitor, focusing on Solartech's newest solar water pumping system products, solar oxygenation system, solar water conservancy industry solutions and solar water ecology technology, to publicize and recommend the use of sustainable solar energy for the ASEAN countries to provide affordable ecological solutions for agriculture and forestry irrigation, fishery farming, production and living water supply and electricity consumption.
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Solartech combines the original Solar water pumping system with various water conservancy systems, which can be widely used in agriculture and forestry irrigation, domestic water supply, livestock drinking water, seawater and brackish water desalination, ecological water features and other industries, forming a green and low-carbon solar water conservancy industry. Advocating the development of solar water conservancy industry globally is of positive significance to solving the water crisis, food shortage and green energy transition.
Solartech Solar pumping system
Solartech solar Oxygenation System is developed for the application of fish pond oxygen enhancement in fishery farming. The system mainly consists of solar panels, PB-G4 series smart pro water pumping inverter and high-efficiency permanent magnet motor oxygenating pump, which can realize "hybrid AC power, solar priority", “residual power storage”, “multi-pump linkage” other kinds of intelligent control, to achieve the purpose of energy saving, power saving and efficiency.
Solartech solar oxygenation system
The new energy intelligent power supply comprehensive system built by Solartech can integrate solar power, wind power, hydropower, energy storage, grid power and other power supply methods to form a complementary of energy supply and realize the intelligent microgrid system to achieve the purpose of upgrading the electricity and water security. "hybrid AC power, solar priority", “multi-pump linkage”, “residual power to the grid”, “residual power storage”, “remote monitoring”, and other solar water ecological technologies plays a role for the construction of the microgrid system.
Solartech Intelligent Microgrid System

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